I call this the great keto adventure because I have been lurking keto facebook pages for a year.  I finally got up the courage to dip my toe in the keto pool  If your a avid keto user this blog probably isn’t for you.

I have struggled with weight loss since having my first child 16 years ago >cringe< and that may have been last time I saw my size 5 figure and the scale wasn’t blocked by my belly.  I can’t completely blame the weight on being pregnant.  I had a love affair with alcohol for the best part of 20 years (not while I was pregnant).   I dropped the love affair a few years ago and I am now going to drop the belly.

So what is a carb lover to do?  I decided I would ease into this.  We live a transient lifestyle as a military family.  I have three kids that keep my running and until just a week ago I worked a full time job.

The keto woe was another fear.  Drinking water and getting enough of the right nutrients.  I’ve read about these things until I am so confused but my take way was water and electrolytes.  I started with a liquid electrolyte that I add to my water.  It has no calories and I drink it like it is my job.  I will adjust as I go.

Okay, woe and carbs…now I’m drinking but not eating because I can’t look at another slice of bacon or another egg.  I feel guilty for eating a carb – even though carbs are allowed in keto.  I decide to take a step back and first find the keto recipes that will work for me – my taste buds and my budget.  Once I get a menu of go to food I will jump back both feet in.

Join me in the journey if you’d like!  I’m not an expert, a doctor, or a nutritionist, I’m just a gal who is setting out to change her life and happy to take the journey with others.

I made the best soup the other day and I will share that with you in my next blog!